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WANTED: Graphics Moderator Applicants! CLOSED!!!

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WANTED: Graphics Moderator Applicants! CLOSED!!!

Post by AgentAyu on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:40 pm

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce the opening of an exciting new position here at The Mafia Lounge, that of a Graphics Moderator!

This position would be working with me (AgentAyu) to help create and manage our Graphics Shop where our members can spend their points to purchase exciting and wonderful things: Sprites, Avatars, Siggies, and Bumpers!

List of Duties:
- Helping maintain the shop.
- Helping create the Sprites, Avatars, Siggies, and Bumpers for members & for various events held on TML.

Job Requirements:
- Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (preferably CS3 on up). Sorry, no GIMP or other photo/graphics editing programs.
- Availability in bi-monthly 'homework' from me. This will depend on your skill level. I'll be prepping you for when I go on LOA next summer. This may require some LiveStream sessions with me.
- 18+ members only
- If you play in a game, be active or you will lose your privilege as Mod.
- Spend at least one hour per day, 10 hours total per week on the forum (being active, not just lurking).
- You must send your report to Thunderdome every Sunday.

Moderator Report Sample:
- What did you do this week in the forum?
- Updates on the Shop.
- Whatever else ThunderDome will require from you in your report.

Graphics Skill Level Examples:

Basic cropping and basic knowledge of Photoshop.

Basic gif making skills with images, fair understanding of Photoshop, knows how to use filters, and basic knowledge of typography.

Very good grasp of Photoshop, typography, knowledge of making your own gifs from videos, enhancing images, and Passing Ayu's "Wow" Factor.*

*Ayu's "Wow" Factor = If you're currently an intermediate level and make me say, "Wow" with what you can create that means you're ready to be placed in the advance category upon being able to do what is also listed for the Advance requirements.

Images to use for your Graphic Samples:

As part of your application you are required to create (1) bumper, (1) Avatar, and (1) Signature using the images we have selected under the spoiler cut. Show us what you can do, free reign of creativity. We just want to see what you can do!

Banned from using:
- Papyrus & Comic Sans. Lesson #1: NEVER USE PAPYRUS OR COMIC SANS!

Image Selections from the Admins:

Graphics Sample Images Album

Password: M2fi2Lounge

Above are the maximum required size in our forum's bumper, avatar, and signature rules. For the application we request you make your samples in these sizes. Rounded corners are allowed as long as the file size you are working in is these sizes.

Here is the Application for this position. Please copy and paste this text into a Private Message to ThunderDome with your answers filled in and links to your samples. Once we have reached the end of the application period we will review the applications and set up interviews with our top candidates.

Skype (Required):

How many years of experience do you have with graphics editing?:
What is your primary graphics editing program?:
How long have you been using this program?:
What is your area of expertise when it comes to graphics?:
How many hours on and off the forum are you willing to commit to the forum?:

Do you have any experience as a moderator?:
If so, which forum/site, and for how long?:

Fill in the blank: "Helvetica is my favorite ________!" Font or Typeface?:

Will you be able to put up with Natasha? By that we mean, meet with her requests for games and things around the forum that will come up sporadically and needs to be finished in a timely matter.:



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Re: WANTED: Graphics Moderator Applicants! CLOSED!!!

Post by AgentAyu on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:42 pm

You have until September 2, 2013 11:59PM PDT (23:59 PDT) to submit your application.

Good luck!


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