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WANTED: Activities Moderator Applicants!!! [Closed]

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WANTED: Activities Moderator Applicants!!! [Closed] Empty WANTED: Activities Moderator Applicants!!! [Closed]

Post by natashasurgirl on Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:48 am

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce the opening of an exciting new position here at The Mafia Lounge, that of an Activities Moderator!

This position would be working with me (Natasha) to help create and manage our activities in the Casino where our members can spend their free time when they are not playing mafia on focusing on hobbies and other activities!

List of Duties:

The duties themselves will be divided between Natasha and yourself. Preferably you would tell me what sections you would like to work in, and we will go from there.  I am more of a free spirit and would rather you focus on the sections you prefer! With that being said, here are the duties regardless of the section(s) that you choose:

- Make sure that your activities will have a participation bumper, and/or a winner siggie from AgentAyu, and her graphics mod.
- Keep track of the points for the activities completed.
- Come up with new ideas with the admins and mods for activities for the members to participate in.

Other duties may come up as the sections really form up, but for now that is all I (Natasha) will need you to focus on.

Job Requirements:
- Creativity. We will be working over the writers, games, and other subcategories. The graphics section will be run by our graphics admin and mod.
- Availability in discussion for our area and it's development. If you have skype, even better, because that's where I prefer to plan. However, you will have your own mod section where we can plan and talk about ideas or implement them!
- 18+ members only
- If you play in a game, be active or you will lose your privilege as Mod.
- Spend at least one hour per day, 10 hours total per week on the forum (being active, not just lurking).
- You must send your report to Thunderdome every Sunday.

Moderator Report Sample:
- What did you do this week in the forum?
- Updates on the sections.
- Whatever else ThunderDome will require from you in your report.

Here is the Application for this position. Please copy and paste this text into a Private Message to ThunderDome with your answers filled in. Once we have reached the end of the application period we will review the applications and set up interviews with our top candidates.

Skype (Required):

How many hours on and off the forum are you willing to commit to the forum?:
What sections would you like to focus on or will you be able to work on any section where Natasha needs you?:
What kind of Ideas do you have for the forum?:

Do you have any experience as a moderator?:
If so, which forum/site, and for how long?:

Will you be able to put up with Natasha? By that we mean, meet with her requests for games and things around the forum that will come up sporadically and needs to be finished in a timely matter.:


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WANTED: Activities Moderator Applicants!!! [Closed] Empty Re: WANTED: Activities Moderator Applicants!!! [Closed]

Post by natashasurgirl on Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:05 pm

I'm bumping this! I will need applications sent to Thunder OR myself by September 5th! =)


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