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I Need a Beta Reader List!

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I Need a Beta Reader List!

Post by natashasurgirl on Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:15 pm

Did you just finish writing that fanfiction that has been sitting dusty in a box somewhere, or perhaps an original novel that has been hiding in that file called "Pictures of Grandma?"

Maybe you began to read over it, and some part of you seems to cringe at the spelling errors or the lack of plot in the story. Perhaps you've been sitting there thinking, 'I need to improve this, something is just...missing!' for the last couple of days.

Well, that's what a Beta Reader is for! A Beta Reader is an author's best friend. Not only do they guide you through the process of editing and revising your story for nothing, but a little bit of credit where it is due, but they also tend to become your good friend.

What's important is to find that beta reader who totally just gets you and your writing process. They know how to work with you, but at the same time are brutally honest. They don't rewrite your story for you, but they give you the tips or suggestions that you need.

However, as the writer requesting the advice of the beta reader, it is your duty to not begin crying or get offended when your story is handed back to you with a lot of notes and scribbles suggesting improvement here or there, or pointing out loopholes. These should be things you are thankful for, because it means that your beta reader cared enough to TRULY try and help you. Isn't the goal of an writer to improve?

If you are brave enough to get criticism where it is needed and want to revise and improve your story with the help of a beta reader, awesome! You are one step closer to improving as an writer, and hopefully will be able to become an published author someday.

So, here's the questions you need to answer in order to get a Beta Reader:

Title of Story:
Original Work or Fanfiction:
Word Count:
(If fanfic) Fandom:

What kind of help are you looking for?:
How quickly do you need the work back?:
Anything else?:


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Re: I Need a Beta Reader List!

Post by ZodiacRain on Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:30 pm

I'll be the first applicant.

Title of Story: Currently going with the clever title "Vocaloid Werewolf" until I can think of a better one.
Original Work or Fanfiction: Fanfic
Summary: In a nutshell: I write out a game of werewolf featuring Vocaloid characters.

In more detail: A group of 23 strangers from 22 parallel universes awaken in a strange town. The town has an impenetrable dome surrounding it, replicas of the residents' homes inside of it, and a noose in the center. Some of the residents realize where they are; the set of a cruel creature's reality TV show. At night, three of the town's residents will transform into blood-thirsty monsters, and the only chance at survival was to find and lynch the monsters during the day...

Word Count: The first chapter has about 5000 words. The other chapters have yet to be written.
Genre: I'm bad at figuring out genres. There's a bit of cosmic horror in it. A few attempts at comedy, though humor is not the main focus.
Fandom: Vocaloid (and Werewolf/Mafia). However, you do not need to be interested in Vocaloid to read the fanfic, as Vocaloid characters don't have canon personalities. In fact, I'm interested in hearing from those not in the Vocaloid fandom.

What kind of help are you looking for?: Besides basic grammatical things ("That word does not mean what you think it means, ZodiacRain"), I'm looking for help with characterization. The first chapter introduces a lot of characters in a short amount of time, and I want to make sure I've given enough characterization to keep readers interested. I'll probably ask what werewolf role the beta-reader thinks each character is, just to ensure nothing is too obvious/too elusive. I wouldn't mind if the beta-reader gave me some direction on where they'd like to see the story to go next.
How quickly do you need the work back?: I haven't even started the second chapter, so don't worry about taking too much time.
Anything else?: I'm not addicted to Werewolf, I swear!


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