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Stranded! Mafia/Clue Game MAFIA WINS

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Re: Stranded! Mafia/Clue Game MAFIA WINS

Post by natashasurgirl on Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:56 am

All the Diaries:
Lizzie Foreman’s Diary

Dad wants us to go on a family vacation, but the idea of leaving behind my arts and crafts to go somewhere with someone who doesn’t even like having me around doesn’t sound very fun.

I’ve known for a while now that my mom has never really enjoyed being around me. I’ve been able to tell since I was four years old. Now that I’m eleven, it’s become even more obvious, leaving me with a dull pain in my chest.

Instead of trying to get her attention, I prefer to swirl paints on a blank canvas. I would rather hide away in my room and create things until my dad comes home. When he gets home, I’m able to show him my artwork. Then he will tell me that someday I will be able to make a career out of it. Dad’s the best!

Mom isn’t ever home really. She likes to be at work, in fact she seems to love it! She stays there late, and often I don’t hear her car come in until three in the morning. I’m left alone a lot. But when dad is home, we watch movies, read books together, and I feel like someone in this big house actually cares about me.

I hope that this vacation goes okay. Dad says we’ll be able to fish, go out on the sea, and maybe meet mermaids if we go scuba diving! I secretly think he is trying to coax me with my favorite fairy tale though. I guess I’ll wait and see!

Karen Foreman’s Diary

I never wanted to get married or have a kid. Looking back on everything, I wish I hadn’t gotten married for the sake of money. Jack is hairy, and boring, and uninteresting. He doesn’t want to go out and have fun. I want to spend time out with my friends, and go out and have fun.

So, I do. My daughter, (more like the weight tying me down to this marriage) is old enough to stay home by herself now, and when work is over...I hang out with my friends.

Or... meet up with my much younger, much cuter boyfriend, James. He and I go on dates together often, staying up til the wee hours of the morning. I’m so happy to have a single young man all to myself!

I have a feeling that Jack is suspicious of my “working late”, and he keeps trying to fix our marriage. He’s even requested family and marriage counseling!

Why can’t he just leave me alone and let me be happy?

Jack Foreman’s Diary

Karen is fading away from me. It just doesn’t seem fair. I work so hard to keep our family afloat, and all I truly want from her is to show a little love and appreciation for that. I never see her anymore, and she rejects me at every turn when it comes to both our physical and emotional relationship.

I would do nearly anything to make this relationship work, but now it is affecting our daughter as well. It breaks my heart to see my baby girl all alone in the house when I get back because Karen is “working” late. I don’t care what she says, being a CEO of a large company does NOT keep you at the office from 6 am to 3 am everyday.

I’ve suggested family counseling, I’ve suggested marriage counseling, both of which she has rejected. Now I’m doing my last attempt at saving this family, via a vacation. If everything goes well, then maybe I won’t need to ask for a divorce after all.

At least, I hope not...

James Mitchel’s Diary

I don’t know what I was thinking, asking Sharon to marry me. I’m not ready for a commitment, but she is. It was her birthday, and I wanted to make her happy, but honestly, I feel like it was a huge mistake now.

I’ve always had commitment issues, so maybe that’s where it sparks. I know I love Sharon, but the idea of being tied down makes me feel sick and light headed. Not the good kind, more like the kind of light headed you get right before you accidentally trip over your feet, and smash your head into the concrete of a sidewalk.

Then I met Karen. True, she’s older, but she is good in the bedroom, and she likes to buy me stuff! I bring Sharon home nice things by returning some of the things that Karen has bought me in exchange for sex. So, Sharon can’t be that mad right?

Well, it’s not like she’s going to find out...Karen doesn’t even know that I’m engaged!

I mean, really, what are the chances of either of them learning the truth?

Sharon Gibbs’ Diary

James asked me to marry him 6 months ago! I’m finally getting married to the man of my dreams. He’s so wonderful and sweet, and yes there have been times when we’ve had our issues, but what couple hasn’t?

My best friend, Julie, and I, have been planning my wedding together. We’ve looked at dresses, flowers, and even cakes! James has been kind of acting weird when I bring up the wedding plans, but he’s agreed with everything that I’ve come up with so far. I’m sure he’s excited too! He just...doesn’t know how to express himself well.

We are traveling to the islands for our wedding. I’ve always dreamed of getting married on the beach to the most wonderful man in the world. It looks like I’m getting everything I’ve ever wanted, and I am so thankful! I know he would never do anything to hurt me.

I will never find someone to love me as much as he does.

Chase Mason’s Diary

That Karen Foreman from home office had me fired. Or, laid off for a gentler term. I know why she did it. I was making a little too much money compared to those who had worked there less and she wanted to be rid of me so then she could hire one of those suckers to do my job for less pay.

Corporations make me sick. She totally screwed me over! Now I’m stuck living with my twin brother and his crazy wife who both insist that the 80’s is still in! It’s 2013 for crying out loud! Move on already!

I wish I could move out on my own, but with all my debts I can barely survive. I shouldn’t have bought that brand new car, or rented a $1500.00 a month condo, or used up those four or five visa cards. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken out that personal loan to buy that boat either...

Then there was the vacation I had already paid for with a different loan.

Christian wants us to all go in an attempt to bond...

What the hell does that even mean?

Christian Mason’s Diary

Chase had to move in with me and my wife. He was laid off by some woman at his office, and has been trying to get a hold of his finances ever since.

What blows is he and Jill just can’t seem to get along. I’ve tried reasoning with them both, but they just drive each other crazy. Jill insists that Chase is pushing his views and invading on our way of life, and Christian says Jill is annoying, obnoxious, and loud.

I will admit they both have good points, but I wish they’d just work things out or keep me out of it.

Jill Mason’s Diary

I’m so sick of living with Christian’s stuck up, snobby brother. I’m an artist! The best Avant Garde out there, and I will stand up for whatever I want! Even if it means standing up for the lack of cookies or chips because Chase ate them! And yes! I will paint art on buildings or sidewalks.

You’d think with the way that Chase talks that I was a hippie or something! He just needs to learn to shut his mouth and get his groove on. Christian and I love our house and how we act groovy and hip all the time. If Chase didn’t want to listen to his brother attempting to play the guitar to the classic Elvis Presley, then maybe he shouldn’t have moved in.

I swear, Christian’s brother will be the end of me!

Julie Lynn’s Diary

I honestly think that on some level my friend Sharon has gone insane. It’s like she doesn’t notice her fiance does not care about the wedding at all! I mean, I love helping her and all, and I am excited for her, but at the same time I don’t want her to get hurt.

I often tell my roommate, Kyle, about the whole situation. I think he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s very supportive of my artistic skills, and tells me that I should do more with my ability than teach painting to elementary students.

Kyle doesn’t understand though. I just love how I can teach kids to make something out of nothing. A stroke of a paintbrush, and you have water, the sky, or even the starts of a castle! There is so much you can do, and with children there seems to be a large pool of untapped talent.

There is a little girl in my Art class named Lizzie Foreman. She’s so sweet and seems to soak up everything I show her like a sponge. Lizzie seems so sad though, I hope that whatever is wrong remedies itself out soon.

She deserves happiness.

Kyle Anderson’s Diary

I want to tell her how I feel. Lately, my roommate Julie makes my heart beat fast whenever she is in the same room as me. I know it might come as a shock to her, but I want her to know that I want to start dating her. I think I’ve fallen in love with her.

There is so many times you can leave flowers on the table for someone until you realize that maybe they don’t get what you are hinting at. Only so many times they can go on and on about a wedding you don’t even care about before you want to scream, “Don’t you know I’m falling in love with you and that’s why I’m listening to this nonsense?”

I’m going to surprise her with a trip to the islands. There, I’m going to tell her how I feel and how I want nothing more than to keep her in my life as my girlfriend.

I don’t know what I would do if she says no…

Marina Gibb’s Diary

It’s been years since the incident with Sharon. She found out that I had a crush on her boyfriend, James, and ever since then won’t speak a word to me.

She doesn’t even know that he and I slept together behind her back in high school. All she knows is I thought he was cute and is holding it against me…

How fair is that?

It’s not.

But mom said I can be a bridesmaid at her wedding, and that Sharon actually wants me there. I really hope mom isn’t just lying to get the family together…

She’s tried that before, and let’s just say that it didn’t work out too well the last time.

I hope Sharon IS ready to move on, because I do love her very much, and also...I’d love to hang out with James again…


16504 / 50000 words. 33% done!



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Re: Stranded! Mafia/Clue Game MAFIA WINS

Post by Kyralih on Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:24 am

Sharon turned to Julie, taking her hands companionably, "I didn't kill anyone, honest." She turned her eyes to the rest of the group, from the little girl she had thrown under the bus, to the plantinum blonde who had been paying James for sex, to Chase 'the chaser' and his brother's wife, and finally Kyle, who only wanted Julie to think of him as a viable option, even though her girl needed no one to make her happy. Focusing on the three innocents - Lizzie, Chase, Jill, and Julie - she finished her statement. "I only provided a distraction so they could do their work.

"But now that it's all over... I suppose we find ourselves in a bit of a situation," she chuckled, releasing Julie's hands, "I mean, Kyle and Karen have blood on their hands, and I was a co-conspirator. We can't afford to let any of you tell the police, and we can't trust you not to tell." She turned again to Julie, "No offense, Julie. I trust you, but they just can't. They don't know you like I do, not even Kyle. You're loyal. ... but you also believe in the supernatural, so maybe you'll keep on living...

"As a ghost."

BOOOOOOM DEATH PARTY ON THE DESERTED ISLAND! (Kyralih controlled, sorry if this wasn't any other mafia player's first pick) FIRST TO GO: KYLE TACKLES AND KILLS CHASE BEFORE CHASE COULD OFFER UP A MORE POWERFUL DEFENSE FOR THE SURVIVORS. KAREN GETS LIZZIE BEFORE SHE COULD RUN AWAY AND HIDE, AND SHARON KILL JILL BY STUFFING HER "Triple threat Caramel-Peanut Fusion POWER BAR" DOWN JILL'S THROAT, SUFFOCATING HER.  No offense meant, Jill, but Sharon had to kill someone to stay in their little murder trio to prove she wouldn't blab, and she wouldn't stab her best friend in the back. She'd rather kill a stranger. LAST TO GO WAS JULIE. KYLE GOT HER, WHISPERING SOMETHING CREEPY LIKE 'WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL' BEFORE SHE DIED. 


"It was that guy! That crazy, crazy guy! Chase! He seemed off right from the beginning - he didn't call us by our proper names, just making things up as he went along."

"First he went for his own brother, man," Kyle explained, "His brother's wife was apparently someone that Chase had had a crush on at one point and he was angry that his brother had stolen her away from him."

"Next," Karen cried, "Next he went after my husband."

"Your husband?"

"Yes! You see, I used to be his boss and I had to let him go due to financial reasons at the corporation. He just wanted revenge on me! He killed my husband!"

"He flirted with me," Sharon cried, "And when I told him I was getting married and then revealed that my fiance had cheated on me with my own sister..." she sobbed, "He killed them both the following night."

"The next day there was a fire on the island - that's how he killed Sharon's sister," Kyle explained, "and when we got there he and Jill were fighting - he wanted her to get together with him, now that his brother was out of the way. When she refused..."

"He killed her, too," Karen said, and then started to shake and cry, "And then my daughter! When he saw how protective I was of her, he immediately headed for her, glaring at me the whole time, and just - just - I couldn't protect her!" She broke down, unable to answer any other questions. 

"He was like a mad-man," Kyle explained, holding his head in his hands. "Julie... she tried to reason with him. They had dated once before, but I... I couldn't help it. I loved Julie, so I tried to bring her back, to protect her from him, and he just... he was crazy, man! He flipped his chibi from jealousy! Like because he and Julie had been together, Julie couldn't be with anyone else. He misinterpreted me - he thought I was acting like that towards her because we were dating, and he..."

"He killed Julie then," Sharon whispered, her eyes pleading with the officers, "Why?! Why did he take everyone from me?! I couldn't help it! I'm sorry! I jumped on his back, putting my arm around his throat, and tried to choke him."

"She wouldn't have been able to kill him by herself, so I stepped up to help," Karen added, recovering.

"And me, too," Kyle finished.

"When it was all over... we didn't know what else to do. We were stranded, alone, on an island filled with our dead loved ones and one dead crazy murderer bent on revenge that we ourselves had had to kill. We knew the rescuer - Duke? you said his name was? - must have had a radio out on his boat, but the waters were shark infested. We.... we didn't want to die, too."

"I came up with the idea to use their bodies as bait." Kyle offered guiltily.

"But we agreed to go along with it!" Karen defended, Sharon nodding emphatically along. "Kyle offered to swim over... so Sharon and I... we..." her stopped.

Sharon turned to her, reaching out across the table to take her hand companionably. She spoke only to Karen, but her statement was loud enough to be heard and recorded. "They loved us as much as we loved them. They would have wanted to help us. We avenged them, Karen, and we saved ourselves. They'll live on, in us, in our memories. Jack and Lizzie, Julie and James and Marina... they'll live on, in us. Even those other strangers, Christian and Jill. We survived, Karen, and they helped! It's what they would have wanted."

"Do you three swear that this is the truth, as you have presented it?"

"We do."

Karen Foreman, Kyle Anderson, and Sharon Gibbs were celebrated as victims, survivors, and heroes in the papers. Their story gained media attention, skyrocketing to TV interviews and book deals, and earning them fame and fortune. 

Everyone seemed to jump on the train in the case against Chase. "He got severely depressed after he lost his job," one of his old friends revealed. One of Christian's neighbours replied, "I always heard shouting! All the time, at all hours, shouting coming from their house. I never thought that something like this would happen, but then again, Christian always seemed to be brooding about something or another... maybe he knew what his brother could become?" "I knew Julie and Chase in high school," a woman reported, "They dated, and he seemed really possessive of her, but he was always watching Jill! Kinda creepy, now that I think about it. Yeah, I could see him as a serial killer."

No one seemed to question their story, and with all the physical evidence having been cut into pieces to feed hungry sharks... their story was accepted as undeniable truth. 

The End.



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Re: Stranded! Mafia/Clue Game MAFIA WINS

Post by ZodiacRain on Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:31 am

Sometimes, Kyle wondered if he'd been too quick to kill off Julie. Maybe he could have convinced her to agree with his story and keep quiet. He didn't believe in ghosts, and he wasn't sure he believed in the afterlife, so...

He frowned. Sometimes, he doubted his own disbelief. Sometimes, he'd wake up at night and wonder if there was an island of angry ghosts, waiting for the day of his death.

But there couldn't be. Ghosts didn't exist.

...Did they?


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Re: Stranded! Mafia/Clue Game MAFIA WINS

Post by anaitlovesall on Sat Aug 24, 2013 10:50 pm

Julie knew that she couldn't trust men but to be betrayed by her best friend who she had stuck up for! At least it wasn't Sharon who had killed her but that Kyle did it instead fueled her hate-filled for men. When she died she thought it was all over so she was surprised to awaken in Kyle's floating above his face. She had always believed in ghosts so maybe that was why she was given this chance. She wasn't going to ever let them rest; constantly reminding them off what they had done.


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Re: Stranded! Mafia/Clue Game MAFIA WINS

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