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Expert Host Sign-Up List

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Expert Host Sign-Up List Empty Expert Host Sign-Up List

Post by AgentAyu on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:23 pm

Expert Games: This is the level for players who really understand the game play and the rules and want to add more excitement to the game besides different themes as seen in the Beginner and Intermediate level. Anything can happen in this level. Including experimenting different ways of hosting Mafia.

Power Roles in Expert: Mafia, Cop, Doctor and Townies. All power roles are available to be used in the games at this level.

This is the sign-up thread to host the EXPERT LEVEL games.


  1. No chatting! This thread is for sign-up ONLY. There are other threads in the forum for chatting.
  2. No double posting! Only after hosting a game will you be allowed to re-enter the queue.
  3. I will RED & BOLD your signup after your game has been completed, signifying you have been removed from the list. Only then can you re-enter the queue.
  4. First come, first serve basis. I do have the right to skip you if you hosted recently and someone new has joined the queue list. I will PM you to check if it is alright with you first.
  5. If you find out you will be unable to host for whatever reason, please PM me ASAP so I can cross you off the list.
  6. If you have any further questions please PM me. Do not ask it here.

Simply post 'Entering Mafia Queue'. Nothing more and nothing less. Do not resize, change color, or change typeface. Copy, paste, and hit send.

Failure to follow these rules could delay when you can host a game.



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