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Werewolf Roles

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Werewolf Roles

Post by Thunderdome on Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:26 am

Written by ZodiacRain wrote:Village Aligned Roles.


Same as the Mafia “Doctor (strong.)”
Protects one person from being killed every night.
May protect self, but may not protect the same person twice in a row.

Similar to the Mafia “Hunter.”
Shoots one person if lynched.
If killed at night, GM will PM them with this information, along with the name of those who died at night; they will respond with the name of the person they’d like to shoot. 

At the GM’s decision, they’re allowed to kill a person at night.

Lycan/ “Furry”
If inspected by the Seer, seen as a Wolf.

Learns the identity of all other Masons at the start of the game.

Milk Maiden
Chooses a person to deliver milk to every night.
That person receives a PM telling them the identity of the Milk Maiden.

Old Man
Survive through the next day session after being killed. 

Similar to the Mafia role “Town Drunk.” 
Chooses a person to keep busy at night.
That person cannot perform any night actions.
Exception: Servants will still protect their Queens even if targeted by the Prostitute at night.
If that person has access to a secret forum, they cannot post on that forum during the night.

Delivers a drink to a person every night.
That person has Seer powers for the night.
May not pick the same person twice in a row. May pick themselves.

Cannot be killed in anyway if the Servant is alive.
If turned into a Lover, and their Lover dies, they stay alive. If the Servant dies later on in the game, the Queen dies immediately afterward. 

Same as the Mafia role “Cop.” 
Investigates one person every night.

As long as the Servant is alive, the Queen cannot die.

Vanilla Villager
Wins if all Wolves have died.

Owns two potions that can be used at night.
The Potion of Death kills a person.
The Potion of Life revives a person targeted by the wolves.
Until the Potion of Life is used, the Witch will be informed of the wolves target by the GM every night. Even if the target would not die due to the Wolf’s attack, the Witch will still be told the wolves targeted them.

Werewolf Aligned Roles.

Alpha Wolf
Same as the Mafia role “Godfather.”
If inspected by the Seer, they’re seen as a village-aligned.

Beta Wolf
Does not know the identity of the other wolves, nor do they know his identity.
Does not have access to the Wolf forums.
Picks a person to kill every night. GM will roll a dice to determine if Beta Wolf or regular wolves’ kill goes through. 

Lou Garou
Similar to the mafia role “Yakuza.”
Once per game, may sacrifice themselves or another wolf and convert another player into a wolf.

A villager on the wolf’s team.
Inspects a person every night to see if they are the Seer.

Teenage Wolf
Must say “werewolf” at least once every day session.

Kills a villager every night.
Wins if they outnumber villagers during the day.

Werewolf Cub
If they die, wolves get two kills the night following their death.

Vampire Wolf
On the first night, chooses a person to convert into a Werewolf.
That person loses all other powers.

Third Party Roles.

On the first night, chooses two players to fall in love. (See “Lovers.”)
If the Lovers die, they join the Village team.
If the Lovers win, they win with the Lovers.

Similar to the Mafia role “Fool.”
Wins if lynched by the village.

Picked by the Cupid. 
Retain original powers, if they had any.
Like the wolves, they have a special Lovers’ forum.
Win if all Wolves and Third Party Roles, save Cupid, die and they live until the end of the game.
If one Lover dies, the other dies automatically. 

Steals the win from the Village if they survive after all Wolves (and Lovers) have died.
Cannot be eaten by wolves.
If inspected by the Seer, they die immediately.



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